Winter Olympics

Find the answers here to our social media polls on Twitter and LinkedIn during the Beijing Winter Olympics February 4th-20th, along with links to newspaper content at NewspaperArchive for each year of the Winter Olympics since their inception.

We will update and add content during the Olympics this month.

Twitter Poll Q&A

February 5th
Where were the first “official” Winter Olympics held? Oslo, Norway or Chamonix, France? Answer: Chamonix, France

February 7th
A winter sport was introduced in the 1908 Olympics. What was the sport? Figure skating or Alpine skiing? Answer: Figure skating

February 9th
The lack of snow can certainly be an issue for the Winter Olympics. What year did the Austrian Army have to haul in thousands of cubic meters of snow? 1976 or 1964? Answer: 1964

February 11th
What was the last year the Summer and Winter Olympics were held in the same year? 1988 or 1992? Answer: 1992

February 13th
Which country has NOT participated in every Winter Olympics? Russia, Italy, or Hungary? Answer: Russia

February 15th
How many countries were represented in the first Winter Olympics in Chamonix, France? 16 or 24? Answer: 16

February 17th
The Winter Olympics allowed women to compete in ski jumping for the first time in what year? 1988 or 2014? Answer: 2014

February 19th
The youngest competitor in the Winter Olympics was Cecilia Colledge of Great Britain in 1932. How old was Cecilia? 11 or 14? Answer: 11

LinkedIn Poll Q&A

February 6th
In what year did the first “official” Winter Olympics take place? 1908 or 1924? Answer: 1924

February 8th
The second winter sport added to the Olympics was in 1920 at Antwerp, Belgium. What was the sport? Ski jumping or Hockey? Answer: Hockey

February 10th
Schneemann was the official mascot of the 1976 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck. Schneemann is German for what? Winter or Snowman? Answer: Snowman

February 12th
The Winter Olympics have never been hosted in the southern hemisphere. True or False? Answer: True

February 14th
The hockey pucks for the Olympic games are frozen before each game. True or False?
Answer: True

February 16th
Which country has won the most medals in the Winter Olympics? United States or Norway? Answer: Norway

February 18th
Artificial snow was used for the first time in which Winter Olympics? Squaw Valley 1960 or Lake Placid 1980? Answer: Lake Placid 1980

February 20th
The Alpine ski competition had to be rescheduled multiple times in the 1998 Winter Olympics. Why? Not enough snow or too much snow? Answer: Too much snow

Relive each year of the Winter Olympics through newspapers in our collection.

1924 Chamonix, France, January 25-February 5

1928 St. Moritz, Switzerland, February 11-19

1932 Lake Placid, United States, February 4-15
Syracuse Herald
Daily Northwestern

1936 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, February 6-16
Salt Lake Tribune
Daily Northwestern

The 1940 and 1944 Winter Olympics were cancelled.

1948 St. Moritz, Switzerland, Jan 30-Feb 8

1952 Oslo, Norway, Feb 14-25
Montana Standard
Evening Star

1956 Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy, Jan 26-Feb 5

1960 Squaw Valley, United States, Feb 18-28
Reno Evening Gazette
Nevada State Journal

1964 Innsbruck, Austria, Jan 29-Feb 9

1968 Grenoble, France, Feb 6-18
Gazette Telegraph
The Press-Courier

1972 Sapporo, Japan, Feb 3-13
The Capital Times
Brainerd Daily Dispatch

1976 Innsbruck, Austria, Feb 4-15

1980 Lake Placid, United States, Feb 13-24
Wisconsin State Journal
The Evening Sun

1984 Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, Feb 8-19
Daily News-Miner
The Evening Sun

1988 Calgary, Canada, Feb 13-28
Wisconsin State Journal
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

1992 Albertville, France, Feb 8-23
Syracuse Herald American

1994 Lillehammer, Norway, Feb 12-27
Daily Herald
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

1998 Nagano, Japan, Feb 7-22
Daily News, Feb. 19th
Daily News, Feb. 18th

2002 Salt Lake City, Utah, Feb 8-24
Sandusky Register
The Wilson Daily Times

2006 Torino, Italy, Feb 10-26
Daily Herald
Star Beacon

2010 Vancouver, Canada, Feb 12-28

2014 Sochi, Russia, Feb 7-23

2018 PyeongChang, South Korea, Feb 9-25

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