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Why is the newspaper page blurry or in poor condition?

We’re sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with our newspaper content!

If you have an active subscription (and you are logged in), you should be able to view newspaper content.

Poor image quality is typically caused by:

  1. the quality of the original newspaper that was scanned
  2. a low quality image
  3. a technology issue

First and foremost, clear your cookies and cache. Here’s the link to our help page on cookies and cache: How do I clear my cookies and cache?

Then, log in to to view the newspaper content.

Still experiencing the issue?

If the image quality is still a problem, there is likely a technical issue or a problem with the image.

Please reach out to us at the following email address:

In your email, include a link (URL) to the page with the blurry image and a short description of the problem.

Are you using a mobile device?

If so, you’ll need to use our Zoom tools instead of pinching and zooming with your fingers.

First, click on the “menu” symbol at the top right hand side of the image.

From there, you’ll see a magnifying glass with a “plus” symbol within it (as well as one with a “minus” symbol). These are our Zoom tools, and you can use them to zoom in and zoom out on the image.

Still experiencing the issue? Please reach out to us at the following email address:

We’ll do our best to assist you in rectifying the issue.