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How do I find newspapers for a specific date?

Searching for newspapers by a specific date can be very useful in finding amazing content around historical events. Whether you’re learning about the context of the civil rights movement, researching period news from wars and conflicts, or simply looking for interesting articles from yesteryear, our This Day in History feature can assist you!

Here’s How:

Scroll down the home page to “Find Historical Articles for Every Day.” Click Search by Date.

Here you can browse to specific dates and choose from a list of newspapers published on a specific day.

Here’s an example…

Let’s browse to a date in the 1900s.

First, select the 1900s Newspaper Archives link.

Click on the 1950 link.

The results show a calendar for 1950.

Click on a day in history.

From here you can perform a search using first name, last name, or keywords.

OR you can browse newspapers published on the date you picked. In this case, February 14, 1950.

The newspapers are listed alphabetically.

For something fun, try looking up dates of special events in your family like birthdays and anniversaries!