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How can I search for a specific publication?

Are you looking for a specific newspaper? If so, you want to check out our Publications!

Here’s how:

Find and click the PUBLICATIONS link on the homepage.

Our list of publications is massive! In order to help search more effectively, there are several options on the right side of the newspaper list.

The ADDED/UPDATED search is a checkbox option. By clicking on it you’ll get a list of publications we’ve added in the past 3 months only.

The LOCATION search is for a specific location. Make sure to click UPDATE after finding the location you want to search.

The United States map is an extension of the LOCATION search. You can hover your mouse over a state to see how many publications are currently in the archive for that state. It is an interactive map, so you can click on the state to go to that particular state’s newspapers.

The DATE RANGE search has two different features. The first one allows you to move the sliding buttons to adjust your search. You can also enter the date range you would like to search.

The NEWSPAPER NAME search is a quick way to enter the name of the newspaper directly for your search.