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How can I find newspapers in a city or town?

Are you looking for a particular newspaper? Do you want to find the newspapers of a certain city or state? The Browse feature is a great tool for searching NewspaperArchive.

Here’s how:

Find and click the BROWSE button at the top of the page.

The BROWSE page is in column format with different headings.

COUNTRIES – Choose one of the many countries currently available.

STATES – Choose a state to filter results only in that state.

CITIES – Choose a city to see all the newspapers available.

NEWSPAPERS – Choose the specific newspaper to see results for that paper only.

The SEARCH or BROWSE allows you to dig even deeper into the results of your filters.

With each of the searches above, researchers can search ALL of the chosen filter(s).

For example, if the United States of America and Kentucky filters are chosen, in the SEARCH or BROWSE column a search for ALL KENTUCKY newspapers could be searched.