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Our 7-Day Free Trial

You are curious about and what it has to offer. We are so excited you’re here!

We have a 7-Day FREE TRIAL especially for you to check out our newspapers.

On which subscriptions do you offer a 7-Day Free Trial?

We offer a 7-day free trial on our 6-Month and 1 Year subscriptions.

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We do not offer a 7-Day Free Trial on our Monthly subscription.

Additionally, our 7-Day Free Trial is available for NEW subscribers only.

Can I cancel my 7-Day Free Trial?

Cancel the trial at any time during its exact seven-day length at no cost.

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Here’s how:

Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

From the dropdown menu, select ACCOUNT SETTINGS.

On the ACCOUNT SETTINGS page, there is section called MEMBERSHIP & BILLING.

The above image shows an example account.

The RENEWAL DATE indicates when the 7-Day FREE TRIAL will end, and the MEMBERSHIP PLAN indicates when your chosen subscription, will begin.

This is the date you are set to be charged. In order to avoid being charged the membership fee, a free trial must be cancelled prior to the renewal date.

To cancel, click on the red “cancel subscription” link.

Be aware. If you cancel your trial prior to the end of the 7-days, it cancels immediately, and you will loose access.

Why do you need billing information for the 7-Day Free Trial?

We require billing information for our 7-Day Free Trial as they naturally lead to our 6-Month and 1 Year subscriptions.

The free trial will renew into the paid subscription length you picked at the end of the seven days.

Billing information tied to subscriptions tremendously reduces abuse of our free trial offers.

Do your promotional subscriptions offer a 7-Day Free Trial?

We do not offer any free trials on our promotional subscriptions.

Promotional subscriptions already have reduced pricing.