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How do your subscriptions work?

We’re happy to hear you’re interested in subscribing to NewspaperArchive!

Read on to learn more about our subscription offerings and how they work.

What are your current subscription offers?

We currently offer Monthly, 6-Month, and 1 Year subscriptions. The best value is our 1-Year subscription.

Our 6-Month and 1-Year subscriptions allow you to try our service with a 7-day FREE TRIAL (NON-PROMOTIONAL SUBSCRIPTION PLANS ONLY).

At the end of your FREE TRIAL, your 6-Month or 1-Year subscriptions automatically start, and you will be charged. Please be advised that the charge takes place immediately at the end of your 7-day FREE TRIAL.

When will my subscription renew?

Our subscriptions renew down to the minute. That’s important!

If you purchase a one-month subscription at 1:15 PM, it will renew the following month at 1:15 PM on your renewal date.

The same would be true for our other subscription offers.

Our 6-Month and 1-Year subscription subscribers will receive an email prior to their renewal date and charge.

If you are not receiving emails from NewspaperArchive, they could be going to your SPAM folder.