Molly Pitcher – Revolutionary War Heroine

Mary Hays is not a name that strikes a chord with most people; however, her pseudonym might – Molly Pitcher. Her name is synonymous with her efforts on the battlefield at the Battle of Monmouth during the Revolutionary War. Mary’s birthday is October 13th, and in honor of this courageous woman, here are several newspapers showcasing “Molly Pitcher” and her pursuits during the American War of Independence.

The story of Molly Pitcher has been popular in many newspapers throughout the history of the United States. It’s typical to find her story, along with other heroines of history, as a showcase article highlighting the valiant efforts of women. “America’s Pioneer Women” in The Mirror is one example. Along with Molly Pitcher, the stories of three other pioneer women – Mrs. Mack from what is now New York state, Mary Murray famed for the Murray Hill section of New York City, and Elizabeth Zane of Fort Henry, Virginia – are included.

In “Molly Pitcher – Heroine” from the Harrisburg Telegraph, the article depicts the differing opinions of Molly’s efforts on the battlefield that day at Monmouth. Mary Hays McCauley was buried in the Old Public Graveyard in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania erected a statue to honor her. Two tablets grace the statue, each with a different account of the heroine’s adventures. The newspaper article includes transcriptions of both tablets. 

In 1962, the Gettysburg Times ran a series of articles about old burial grounds in the county and surrounding counties. The series was interrupted when the journalist decided to include biographical information with an article titled “A Bit of History About Early Settlers.” Molly Pitcher was the first to be highlighted in two installments.

The Red Bank Register received permission to reprint an incredibly detailed account of Molly Pitcher entitled “More About Monmouth Heroine.” Unlike most information published about Mary Hays, this account is more biographical in nature, giving the reader a picture of Mary throughout her life and not just her shining moment on the battlefield.

Molly Pitcher has been included in many newspapers throughout history as an advertising pitch for various things. The Chester Times from 1956 published a fantastic picture of Molly and a brief account of her heroism during the Revolution. The advertisement was used as a marketing tactic to purchase U.S. Savings Bonds. 

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