9/11 – Two Decades Later

Time stands still, and you vividly remember where you were. There are moments in history that have a profound emotional impact on all of us. Good or bad, they leave an indelible mark. 

September 11, 2001. 9/11. Captured by journalists, the details and images of that fateful day flooded the pages of newspapers everywhere. Two decades later, we’re taking a look back at the attacks and the coverage immortalized by the nation’s periodicals.

9/11 – Overview of the Attacks
A New Day of Infamy,” published by The Daily Herald, included coverage of many aspects of the attacks like a chronology of the day, a map showing each location, suggestions on how to honor victims, whom to call to check on family and friends, and much more. Heart-wrenching photos fill the front page, while articles from different perspectives and pictures can be found throughout the newspaper.

Scene at the World Trade Center

Twin Towers
The Gazette ran a multi-page feature called “Attack on America.” One page was dedicated to the World Trade Center with in-depth information from that day, including a piece written by a witness that experienced the fall of the Twin Towers.

The second target was the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. In an article entitled, “Pentagon Slammed”, the Sedalia Democrat included a stunning description of the events and a sobering photo of the demolished section of the military headquarters.

Flight 93 
While most of the featured information on the attacks was visual in nature with pictures, maps, and timelines, The News from of Frederick, Maryland, declared that “Fate, Determination Linked Flight 93 Passengers.” The stories of passengers from Flight 93 brought a human perspective to the devastation and heartbreak.

A broad search of old newspapers in the archive delivered a wide range of topics related to the attacks: a full page with Islam’s history, culture, and beliefs; the science behind jet fuel and the collapse of the Twin Towers; personal stories of survival; and heart-breaking lists of victims.

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